Dan Stutzman

Client testimonials

Daniel is a tremendous, expert-level developer and consultant. He brought an incredibly valuable perspective to our project – thinking of broad implications and solutions beyond the specific issue at hand. He works fast, yet thoroughly. He's proactive and extremely responsive. He is a true asset to have – and working with him was an absolute pleasure.
—Kathryn Russell, Associate Creative Director, Xuma Communications
Daniel is an outstanding programmer. His knowledge is vast. He is creative, hard-working, inventive and his end product is clean and intuitive and on time! It was a pleasure to work with Daniel on our iPhone app project. He did everything we asked of him and more. He anticipated problems, before they became problems, and the end result is an incredibly user friendly app that requires no instructions to use. I cannot praise Daniel enough. He cares deeply about his product and his character is exemplary.
—Robert Hicks, Co-founder, KIDzOUT Inc.
Daniel is a great asset to our project; his take charge personality drives quality while adhering to schedules and budgets. His ability to manage both high level, visionary issues as well as the minute details that actually deliver the vision is remarkable. He is an effective communicator, and we came to think of him not only as a valued team member, but a team in his own right because he was willing to take on facets of development that might not have been the perfect fit for his current or preferred skills, but he learned the required skills on the fly and executed them perfectly.
—Seth Heine, Co-founder, KIDzOUT Inc.
It was great to work with Daniel. He has expert knowledge, in particular about character encoding in Ruby and solved some of my hardest problems. Very recommended.
—Niels Liebisch, Founder, Optimal Consulting LLC
Daniel was a pleasure to work with. He delivered his project early and even dedicated more time than he said he could to work on our project. He was very clear in his communication and was always very helpful in explaining things to us. If I have a chance to get some more of Daniel's time in the future I will definitely not pass it up.
—Marshall Hayes, Director of Operations, Sparkrelief