Dan Stutzman

The $250 Mac laptop

Published 2013-03-29
$120 + a used Mac Mini eBay
$100 16" portable USB monitor Amazon
$13 AmazonBasics keyboard Amazon
$7 ½ AmazonBasics mouse Amazon

A couple comments:

  • It's not really a laptop, but it's portable.
  • There's no battery; you'll need a nearby power outlet.
  • Prices are current as of today, 2013 Mar 29.
  • I've tested out the above display and keyboard; they work great so far, despite being cheap.
  • Please don't ever buy wireless mice or keyboards:
    • The batteries will die intermittently and unpredictably.
    • BlueTooth devices will require pairing.
    • Some people turn their mouse off to save batteries, but if you forget to turn it back on before waking your Mac, it won't be paired.
    • How do you login or start the pairing process if you don't have a working mouse?