Dan Stutzman

Gem for SSO via SAP logon tickets

Published 2012-06-24

sso_sap is a gem (a Ruby library) inspired by work I did for a Quick Left client. You might find it useful if:

  • You're a Ruby web developer
  • And you or one of your clients uses the SAP ERP
  • And some of your users will be logging into a SAP NetwWeaver Portal that issues SAP logon ticket cookies
  • And you want SSO (Single Sign-On) for them so they can link directly from that portal to your web app without logging in to your web app
  • And you have an older version of SAP that doesn't support SAML
  • And you don't want to upgrade SAP to support SAML for some reason
  • And you don't want to use the official Java library or Windows DLL for SAP logon tickets

To give it a try, git clone my sso_sap_demo repository.