Dan Stutzman

Manage blocked sites on Google

Published 2011-05-10

Before Stack Overflow, searches for technical help often turned up content from Experts Exchange, a site that showed you the technical question but hid the questions behind a pay wall pop-up. After Stack Overflow, there are now scraper sites like eFreedom that reuse Stack Overflow's content but with various disadvantages, and they'll sometimes rank higher in Google search results than the original Stack Overflow article that they copy. How can we remove these or other unwanted domains from Google search results?

Answer: according to a Google support page, if you click on a link, then click the back button to return to the Google search results, you'll see a Block link. If Block link doesn't show up for you — sometimes it didn't for me — or if you change your mind about which sites to block, you can directly Manage Blocked Sites instead.

Also someone wrote a Chrome extension to redirect links from Stack Overflow rip-off sites to the original Stack Overflow post. I haven't tried it though.