Dan Stutzman

Boulder Startup Weekend

Published 2011-03-07

Last weekend I attended Boulder Startup Weekend, which is like a two-day business plan competition.  Entrepreneurs come in with a rough idea and leave with a slick slide presentation, screenshot mock-ups, and software prototypes -- if they can attract enough volunteer consultants to their cause.

I joined a group that initially had no other software developers and ended up building an JavaScript mock-up of a mobile app that locates nearby businesses and collects user reviews like Yelp.  The intended market is parents traveling with young children who need places to eat, play, change a diaper, etc.  Here's a two-minute pitch video, thanks to blogger Suzan Bond:

Ultimately I'm too risk-averse to be a startup entrepreneur like the presenters that weekend, but I'll happily support others to pursue their dreams, especially if I get to practice the craft that I enjoy.